“Some doors only open from the inside”

– Hafiz

Development and transformation

Growing isn’t about learning new things, it’s about transforming the way you look at yourself and the world. Just like sports, it creates discomfort, but the benefits and rewards make it worthwhile. It is a deeply personal adventure where new perspectives present themselves.
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    Developmental Coaching

    This form of coaching has its roots in ‘constructive developmental theory’, a rich, scientific theory and practice. I help you see and understand your own sensemaking, and what your own perspective enables and disables in your relationships and in achieving your goals. I support you in creating new perspectives that provide fertile ground for learning new skills.

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    Programs that actually help you change

    I create – often with other colleagues – programs that help you develop, manage complexity and use it to your advantage.

    You become better able to welcome diverse perspectives, to use conflict as a way to deepen trust and uncover patterns that lead to new possibilities.

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    Teams and development

    Your team is doing fairly well. Yet something seems to be missing. Some things are left unaddressed. You feel the stress is rising and resistance seems to pop up.


    I support teams in their continued growth using the framework of developmental theory.


    Tools include Immunity to Change (for teams), Deep Democracy and Liberating Structures.

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    A list of some of the things/topics I speak about:


    • A dive into constructive developmental theory and how it can change people’s lives
    • How investing in development can buffer stress & burnout
    • Psychological safety and how to create it
    • Leading change: how to help others change by changing yourself

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